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Sometimes time can mean nothing. It happens when you don't have it, when you don't remember when you did and don't know if you will ever have it again.

This has to do with my memory that vanished; it happened suddenly in the space of an hour and for five years I was lost, not knowing who I was or where I belonged.

I was placed in an institution and heard stories of who I had become. Some were funny, some were sad but all were about someone I never knew.

It finally ended and I started to live again; I found that I had a need to write and started my poetry a little over a year ago. My poems are drawn from life experiences, the hopes and dreams that we all share and I hope you enjoy them

elizabeth wesley's Works:

Polished Stones

A book of poetry

by Elizabeth Wesley

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Light Meets Day

Each gleaming light shines like a sun
Expanding awesomely in curling fires;
Each cloud forms a grotesque face
A face that knows not its bizarre desires.

We ascend in separate ways toward the sky
To merge the fantasy that forms the trance;
We turn our eyes to engage the dream
And find the song that weaves the dance.

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