Ella Higginson Poems

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Four-Leaf Clover

I know a place where the sun is like gold,
And the cherry blossoms burst with snow,
And down underneath is the loveliest nook,

The Lamp In The West

VENUS has lit her silver lamp
Low in the purple West,
Casting a soft and mellow light
Upon the sea’s full breast;

Moonrise In The Rockies

The trembling train clings to the leaning wall
Of solid stone; a thousand feet below
Sinks a black gulf; the sky hangs like a pall

The Grand Ronde Valley

AH me! I know how like a golden flower
The Grand Ronde valley lies this August night,
Locked in by dimpled hills where purple light


CHILD with the hungry eyes,
The pallid mouth and brow,
And the lifted, asking hands,
I am more starved than thou.

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