Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Johnstown Center / Rock County / Wisconsin
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Johnstown Center / Rock County / Wisconsin


Robert 07 August 2020
looking for the poem byElla Wheeler WILCOX WITH THE LINES OF wE KNOW AS WE GROW OLDER and our eyes have clearer sight
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Heather Ggilbert 25 July 2020
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Vivian Sperez 25 July 2020
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SAS1969 11 March 2020
I had an NDE experience and before I was sent back, I was given a message, " Laugh, and the world laughs with you" . I never knew it was the first line of a poem or even what kind of deeper meaning that message had. Years later, I decided to google the words and I found this page. Now that I've seen it's a poem and the entire thing, it's now clear to me what they were saying to me on the other side.
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Martha 10 March 2020
I believe I once read a poem of E.W.W. in which the parallel is drawn between the attitude of Christian churchgoers toward a young man who got a girl pregnant and the girl who became pregnant. Does anyone know the title of that poem?
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Sharon Long 13 January 2020
I have a signed copy of More Poems by E.W. Wilcox. Is it worth anything
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................................................................kinda crusty but ok
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jiff yo boi 20 February 2019
this website is sh*t dont use it instead i rccomend youtube
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Elliote 29 January 2019
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Michael toms 24 June 2018
A romantic
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Jonhkyle N. Cambaya 11 November 2017
Everything its undercontrOl
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Chetan Pandey 16 December 2015
This is a great poem... Should be poem of the week
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Jane Stokes 18 August 2013
I have a little leather book 3 inches by 2 inches titled Gems from Wilcox further down on the Suede (?) cover is the word LOVE. Inside is a list of Poems by the Same Author. Passion etc. Perhaps a dozen or so. Turn a page. A photo of Ella Wheeler Wilcox sitting a straight back chair elbows resting on the arm with her hand under her chin..so much more. i can not find this book online any where. 87 pages..ex. To Marry or not to Marry? Love is Enough, Be Not Attached. I am planning on giving this booklet away as a gift...hhmm should I. This person knows nothing of Ellz Wilcox. any answers..
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I have a treasury of poems of ella wheeler wilcox and there is a poem in it that you have not got. It is called Secret Thoughts. I have not checked if all poems from this book are in there yet. Book is called An Ella Wheeler Wilcox Treasury. Publishers Leopold B Hill London. It has a inscription on front page dated 1918, so is old.
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Julio Callejas 03 March 2012
Hello...I just came across a book by Ella...Poems of passion....Its a baby blue book with art nouveau vines with 3 flowers on the cover...In side it is inscribed by Ella....Love is the center and the circumference, the cause and sum of all things...Ella Wheeler Wilcox...What is something like this worth? ...who needs to see this.. and able to tell me what to do with this book?
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Gretchen Primack 15 January 2012
I'd like to reprint one of these poems in a book I'm working on. Anybody know if Wilcox' work is in the public domain? I assume so but would love to have confirmation! Thanks....
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Zae 27 April 2011
I luv your poems they reach my soul and theyn r so passionate
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Esther Von Reiche 22 January 2010
Ella Wheeler Wilcox - I don't tire of reading her poetry. Somehow it reaches a part of my soul where nothing else has access.
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Anong All 28 May 2004
Hi.., I read your po'em; 'Which are You? '....And I wanted to share with you, that I do not believe I am either..., type of person you, maybe describing within your po'em. Is the glass half-full.., or half-empty..., My opinion..., maybe it is balanced. I enjoyed the reading of your po'em. I found it very much to my liking. Good day
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