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Elle Jay E.. Poems

1. I Know Its All You Have 4/16/2012
2. The City 4/16/2012
3. Under The Stars 4/17/2012
4. When The World Spun Backwards. 4/17/2012
5. Dakota 4/22/2012
6. Angel And The Sprite 4/23/2012
7. My Friends 4/25/2012
8. Falsehood 4/28/2012
9. The Kid In Science Class 5/4/2012
10. Shame City 5/6/2012
11. You 5/7/2012
12. Confusion 5/8/2012
13. Heart Aches 5/17/2012
14. Keep It To Yourself (No Problems) 5/17/2012
15. Worries 5/20/2012
16. Life 5/20/2012
17. Hidden Pain 5/23/2012
18. Cheating The World 6/2/2012
19. Independence 6/20/2012
20. Rj 7/7/2012
21. Depression 7/7/2012
22. Untouchable 10/18/2012
23. Changed. 1/4/2013
24. Get Away 1/4/2013
25. Your Life In My Memory 1/14/2013
26. Love And Hate 1/14/2013
27. Physical 1/17/2013
28. Beauty 1/27/2013
29. Sick Of This 2/3/2013
30. Graffiti 2/4/2013
31. Its Me 2/8/2013
32. When You Give Up Your Dreams Go Away 4/29/2013
33. Mark 8/21/2013
34. Desperately Lonely 7/18/2012
35. The Response That Means The World To Me 2/18/2013
36. Whats Up? 4/25/2013
37. Gun Violence 5/2/2012

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Gun Violence

Watch the news.
But I want to snooze.
Hear the violence.
I want silence.
And I cant sleep.
Hearing another peep.
Outta a person that.
Got shot again.
Another is stabbed.
Got caught again.
Another was jabbed.
Hear the news.
Speak it.
I dont wanna repeat it.
I dont even wanna dream it.
Its in my worst nightmare.
With not a note to spare.
Talking bout gun violence.
Wanna end it with silence.
But that walk wont do no good.
They're all dissed and misunderstood.
They dont care if you're protesting.
Trying to understand whats on ...

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The City

cold concrete against my feet I walk along the street.
No stop lights holding me, I am free.
Firestation cold and empty, with no one around to tempt me.
To go with them and shoot some hoops that I know ill lose.
I keep walking along.
Till im at the street where I belong.
I stand in the alley.
With no sounds around me.
But the distant shrieks of sirens as I dropp to my knees.

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