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Ellen Shaw Poems

1. Jane 12/18/2011
2. Read Me 12/18/2011
3. Draw Me A Picture 12/18/2011
4. Echo Of Silence 12/18/2011
5. Piece By Piece 4/8/2012
6. I Knew You Once 4/8/2012
7. With You It Was... 4/8/2012
8. Thirst 4/8/2012
9. Get Used To It! 4/8/2012
10. Six Seconds 4/8/2012
11. Sixty Foot Goddess 7/30/2012
12. In An Instant 7/30/2012
13. Walk The Path I Paved For You 12/27/2013
14. False Angel 12/27/2013
15. Let Us Forget 2/24/2014
16. Take My Advice 2/28/2014
17. I Felt It Like Creation 3/29/2014
18. No Times Over 3/29/2014
19. Acupuncture From A Madman 3/29/2014
20. Love In A Tower Block 10/12/2015
21. From The Beginning 3/14/2016
22. Bella Sleeps 10/7/2016
23. Backpack 6/22/2017
24. Weak And Powerful 6/22/2017
25. Land Of The Two Holy Mosques 1/9/2013
26. I Saw You Walk Away 7/30/2012
27. Desire 4/8/2012
28. Blue Dress 12/18/2011
29. Purple Dress 12/18/2011
30. Leave Completely 12/18/2011
31. Water 12/18/2011
32. Flying Over Sand Dunes 6/19/2013
33. No Ordinary Day 3/29/2014
34. Squatters 12/17/2011
35. I Am But A Mixed Raced Child 12/17/2011
36. Calling Me To The Desert 7/30/2012

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Best Poem of Ellen Shaw

Calling Me To The Desert

In the desert sand lifts
And swirls
A violent storm
Forming my name
To be whispered across the continents
Golden sand
No! it's golden money
Calling me to the desert

Nothing thrives
Nothing grows
Perhaps my relationships will die
Once I'm living in the desert

The blue sky holds
All of the promises like clouds
they'll cushion me
The sun burns down
And the women hide behind swathes of black
Forbidden, forgotten
Yet as a woman I am being
Called towards the desert

Nothing thrives
Nothing grows
Perhaps my beating heart ...

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Today I knocked on water
to see if she would let me in
hoping she would send the weeds up to shake my hand
and wrap my wrists
and around my throat
and pull me into her.
I was hoping to turn into a mermaid
or a seahorse
or just a simple ghost

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