Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

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Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A) Poems

41. Oceaan Van De Ogen 12/24/2015
42. For The Master Of Limericks 8/31/2013
43. Wind& Brown 9/18/2013
44. A Limerick 8/12/2014
45. Our Love Flies Towards You Imam Reza 9/17/2013
46. Comedy Poems_ Part 1_ Skunk From No Where 9/15/2013
47. International Criminals 9/1/2013
48. For Nader_ A Limerick 6/19/2013
49. Adventures Of Two Captains_ Part 8, By Hook Or By Crook 5/12/2013
50. Hey Ellias 4/2/2013
51. O' Justice 4/17/2013
52. Do We Really Know? 4/17/2013
53. And About Money 4/19/2013
54. For Meghan_A Limerick 4/11/2014
55. Sound Of Nothing 4/26/2014
56. Soil& Purple 9/18/2013
57. Condition P.S.S 9/18/2013
58. Kill Me By The Light 10/16/2013
59. This Thing Needs A Doctor! 3/2/2014
60. Bullet's Effects 12/11/2013
61. For Erfan_ A Limerick 11/24/2013
62. For Mum_ A Limerick 2/28/2013
63. For My Friend, Hossein_ A Limerick 3/2/2013
64. For Iman 12/15/2012
65. Forgotten Humanity(Ft. Nader Baheri) 1/30/2013
66. Birthday Of Mars 10/5/2012
67. An Answer 7/28/2012
68. World And People Of Seam 7/31/2012
69. The Angel The Best, Q Of Mars 7/18/2012
70. Road Of Sundown 7/21/2012
71. Tragedy Of God 7/14/2012
72. Fake Love 7/14/2012
73. The Love Between Mars And Snake 7/5/2012
74. The Light Will Desteroy The Darkness... 7/5/2012
75. Ysa 5/19/2012
76. Mr, Anderson 5/19/2012
77. Limitations In Every Aspects 7/7/2012
78. Evil, S Lost 5/19/2012
79. Ordinary Bad Actions 7/15/2012
80. White Cloud 2/20/2013
Best Poem of Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri)

For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies
In the rough political situations and conspiracies

Where a talented boy is born in
Where all people are rough only his mother is tender to him

He will soon find that he is on the rim
of a cliff

He wants the upswing
But he may fly or be broken wing

Let him sing his song
Listen to the sound of his drums
That is like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see he is ...

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Matthias Smith

With the lightly face and whitely teeth
That boy was called Matthias Smith
He had a pure reputation, he had nothing bad
All of his life was a dream, and he wasn't sad
Of the school yard
To the alley bard
They all knew him as a jerk
But he act and walked with perk
In the land of light.......

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