Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

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Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A) Poems

121. Smoking Kills 12/23/2015
122. John, The King Of Limericks... 10/3/2012
123. For Dad A Limerick 2/28/2013
124. Edge Of Victory 8/9/2012
125. An Unseen Love 8/14/2012
126. Who Knows 7/14/2012
127. My Country Of Love, Faith And History 4/19/2013
128. I Love You As My Life 9/18/2013
129. Bright Horizon 12/10/2013
130. Adventures Of Two Captains_ Rescue A Nice Friend 4/9/2013
131. The Story Of Garlic And Onion 7/15/2012
132. Dead Flower 7/29/2012
133. Friends All Over The World 8/20/2012
134. About An Angelic Brother 9/17/2012
135. The Red Past And The Green Future 4/19/2013
136. In The Name Of People 9/3/2012
137. Bring Me The Felucca 8/30/2012
138. When The Lust Wakes.... 1/7/2013
139. A Life That Is Heading Nowhere 8/4/2012
140. Hey Apartheid! ! 10/14/2014
141. After Years 3/5/2015
142. Family Meeting, A Real Event, Last Chance { Please Read Carefully) 7/21/2013
143. To A Bygone Child 12/18/2015
144. Our Biggest Mistakes 8/20/2012
145. Vision Of An Old Man 9/15/2012
146. I Meet You In Dreams 3/13/2013
147. When A Kid Goes 3/24/2015
148. Fight For What? 9/9/2012
149. Feel Of Trust 6/9/2013
150. Fathers Are The Men From Sky 9/11/2012
151. Fall Of Poets 7/22/2012
152. Poor Frogs. 10/8/2012
153. My Love, The Humanity And Friendship (Short Poem) 7/26/2013
154. For The People Of Palestine 9/16/2012
155. Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri) 11/9/2012
Best Poem of Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)

Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri)

For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies
In the rough political situations and conspiracies

Where a talented boy is born in
Where all people are rough only his mother is tender to him

He will soon find that he is on the rim
of a cliff

He wants the upswing
But he may fly or be broken wing

Let him sing his song
Listen to the sound of his drums
That is like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see he is ...

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Of the Ysa Lands, the green people and the green islands
They were shouting and blaming 'That's My Land!
In the heart of goodness, and the blessing ghosts,
Those people were fighting for the stupid boasts!
They had no value; they were hopeless in that nature,
Also they were strange creatures!
In the middle of That Paradise, and in the green lights
A youthful lord has arisen with great mights!
He called him self the 'darkest lord's of night'

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