Elmer Romulo Valdez

Rookie (Luna, La Union, Philippines)

Biography of Elmer Romulo Valdez

Elmer Romulo Valdez poet

To see the dawn is the start of another new day...
the blossoming of a new life... the birth of another poem.

A poem that serves as the outlet of man's affections
and outbursts - it is everlasting, ever-flowing, and
touching the deepest embers of the heart.

There is magic everytime I touch a pen and start
translating my thoughts and flashes into words, then
weaving these words into lyrics of an emerging poem.

Truly, man's feelings are not that elusive, after all,
as they can be captured in a poem! Embraced
passionately in between the lines, a poem enriches
and ennobles the soul and let it be filled with
peace and joy!

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Fantasy In A Blue Moon

Let there be no good-byes,
As our budding love is everlasting,
Though apart by mountains & seas.

Our paths may not cross again,
Yet we'll always be for each other,
As caring hearts beat - yours & mine.

Time may slip away silently,

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