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161. Detoured 9/27/2011
162. A Bucket For Your Tears 10/1/2011
163. A Tiny Bud Is Plucked 5/13/2012
164. Barefoot 1/26/2013
165. The Thing That Makes Me Smile 2/26/2012
166. My Prayers 2/20/2012
167. The Moon And I 5/30/2012
168. If Thou Shalt Love Me 9/29/2011
169. Ghosts Of The Past 10/4/2011
170. My Dog Has Died 8/13/2013
171. Growing Old 7/28/2013
172. Seduction 6/24/2012
173. An Old Woman By The Window 10/3/2011
174. The Rain Wont Stop 10/31/2011
175. Driftwood 2/22/2012

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The fledgling bush
grew into a tree
not without
birth pains
twigs outstretched
its leaves spread
with pride
the world watched
for its downfall
from hurricane of woes

the now mighty tree
survived not without
scars; until its golden
hair turned into brown
age caught up
leaves wilted
its body gave in
no longer proud

in the river by the
bank of its childhood
a driftwood floats
to nowhere

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today i started writing again
the thoughts kept in the deepest
recesses of my dusty brain
how long ago was it when you were
my dearest friend
we made sweet music together
you guided the fluid of my musings
oh that was when life was a bed of roses
when love was so abounding

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