Eloida Capuno

Eloida Capuno Poems

161. Detoured 9/27/2011
162. A Bucket For Your Tears 10/1/2011
163. A Tiny Bud Is Plucked 5/13/2012
164. Barefoot 1/26/2013
165. The Thing That Makes Me Smile 2/26/2012
166. My Prayers 2/20/2012
167. The Moon And I 5/30/2012
168. If Thou Shalt Love Me 9/29/2011
169. Ghosts Of The Past 10/4/2011
170. My Dog Has Died 8/13/2013
171. Growing Old 7/28/2013
172. Seduction 6/24/2012
173. An Old Woman By The Window 10/3/2011
174. The Rain Wont Stop 10/31/2011
175. Driftwood 2/22/2012
Best Poem of Eloida Capuno


The fledgling bush
grew into a tree
not without
birth pains
twigs outstretched
its leaves spread
with pride
the world watched
for its downfall
from hurricane of woes

the now mighty tree
survived not without
scars; until its golden
hair turned into brown
age caught up
leaves wilted
its body gave in
no longer proud

in the river by the
bank of its childhood
a driftwood floats
to nowhere

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If Thou Shalt Love Me

be generous with praises
i want to be appreciated
every now and then

be as gentle as a breeze
caress me like the morning mist
i long for tenderness

be acerbic with words

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