Else Cederborg

Rookie - 23 Points (30 April / Copenhagen)

Biography of Else Cederborg

I have published several scholarly works, e.g. on Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen. Also I have published 57 articles for Ezine.
Recently I started to publish poems, short stories, fables and novels, some of it in English (with AuthorHouse) , but most of it in Danish (with SAXO) . I seem to be in a flush as it just keep coming - and I love it.

Else Cederborg's Works:

Several books on Karen Blixen (1970'ies and 1980'ies) , also books and articles on women's history and literature.
In 1911 I published 4 books with AuthorHouse:
'The Naughty Peteyboy, Sonya and the Magic Word'
'A World of Weird Truths and Truthful Weirdnesses'
'Knees Bent'
'Love They Said'

In 1911-1912:
twelve books in Danish with SAXO, e.g. 'Gemmeleg', 'Camillas Verden', 'På fri pote', 'Grumme fortællinger' I + II, 'Djævlerier*

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Day Kisses

The kisses of the day lack darkness
Nights turn kisses into little arrows
the bow is still vibrant from the shot
Was this what I wanted, this passion?
How am I to tell?
It didn't ask, it just moved in
there it was, all alive
an unexpected lodger in the home called me