Elude Most

Biography of Elude Most

just started to ryt poems n would like to get feed bak. not much els to say but im live alone n filled with sowow, n i cant spell, left school wen i could to work for minimum wage, countin the days.

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What If

wot if evolution stoped mid cycle
n all the decipels just droped n caryed on with ther lifes,
tellin storys thay 4got but connectin the sings like dot to dot,
wen is the ryt time to rethink every fact that is imaginable
survival instinct dwells in a past that is inhabitable,
wot if our missed placed sight removes from present tellivison light,
wot if we dnt need to work for some 1 els to survive,
wot if we dnt need to b told to by of shelfs n open our eyes to realice,
wer new aged

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