elysabeth faslund

Rookie (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

elysabeth faslund Poems

401. Andromeda's Mother 5/17/2008
402. Autumn's War.....A Sonnet 7/16/2008
403. Guardian Angel 2/26/2008
404. Soap And A Brush 2/11/2008
405. The Rose 2/11/2008
406. Invention Of A New Sonnet Form 5/4/2008
407. Watching Wrens On Sunday Afternoon 4/27/2008
408. Once, The 'Paraclete' 4/16/2008
409. Inside Hurricane Gustav...Houma, Louisiana...Images Out The Window 9/8/2008
410. ........Dreams Can Come True 8/24/2008
411. .......Ever Twisting Past Into Now 8/23/2008
412. Evolution 11/26/2007
413. Moses, Answer Me 11/27/2007
414. Homemade Bread 12/4/2007
415. Go To The Sunlight With Me 12/2/2007
416. Annie Gets Her Gun 12/7/2007
417. Rain Or Tears? 1/23/2008
418. Spring Is A'Draggoning In 1/23/2008
419. Marital Bliss 1/25/2008
420. Sleeping Dragon 12/12/2007
421. My New Year's Wish To You 12/31/2007
422. The Lights Around The Corners 1/11/2008
423. They Are Lurking...(Humor) 7/10/2007
424. Light Could Be Deceptive 7/11/2007
425. Give Yourself A Break...Who Else Will? ...(Humor) 6/25/2007
426. Screwdriver Autopsy...(Humor) * 8/12/2007
427. Origin Of The Flame...2* 8/27/2007
428. Isle Of Wight* 10/6/2007
429. Poetic Progress* 10/14/2007
430. Gulls Haunt Their Own Cries 6/8/2007
431. Driftwood And The Widow 6/8/2007
432. Father's Footprints 6/19/2007
433. The Moaning Wind 6/3/2007
434. Fog* 5/23/2007
435. A Home Is What You Make It 11/12/2008
436. A Cook In The Kitchen! 11/27/2008
437. .................Twilight Storm 10/14/2008
438. .................Jasmine Goodnight 10/6/2008
439. .......................Silent Circus 6/22/2009
440. Winter's Maid 12/16/2007

Comments about elysabeth faslund

  • Elysabeth Faslund Elysabeth Faslund (6/26/2013 6:57:00 AM)

    Thanks to all of you! Never knew what to expect here. This made my Wednesday, June 26th,2013!

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    2 person did not like.
  • Patti Masterman (4/13/2012 8:11:00 PM)

    What a cute lady, and such a bountiful and wonderful writer, we are blessed to have her here, all to ourselves, at Poemhunter! Nice to encounter someone so skilled at her craft.

  • Robert Howard (5/31/2008 8:20:00 PM)

    A poet of extraordinary range and skill who can shake our souls with the mysteries of the universe or give us a good chuckle with a light hearted verbal pastry.

  • Angela Barker (9/13/2007 1:52:00 PM)

    Moving and vivid. An ever changing landscape of poetry that sucks in the reader and holds them in gentle palms. Elysabeth Faslund's poetry is written to be savored.

  • Jerry Hughes (5/10/2007 8:47:00 PM)

    ...one of the joys of life is a pleasant surprise - it's been mine lately to find and read Elysabeth Faslund's poerty. Thank you ma'am

Best Poem of elysabeth faslund

A Woman Says 'Talk Dirty To Me'...(Humor) *

A woman runs around the house all day
Thinking 'This night, I'll play,
I'll tickle his fancy when he gets home.
After all, I've cleaned, cooked, all alone.'

Then through the door her man appears
With bundles of flowers, a case of beer,
His caseload of work, and smiling still!
The woman is happy! Steaks on the grill! !

They dine with candles alight,
He pats her ass, whispers, 'Tonight.'
She's bought a naughty at a store.
Slithers into bed and hears the snore!

Slithers out of bed, smashes a plate
Loud enough to begin a debate.
He ...

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Even the hollow reed voices across sand, dry plains,
Startling lilt, notes we can remember.
We can forget. Forgetting is our salvation,
Not reincarnation.
When memory is destroyed, we are spared
Thorns, destiny.
No further life.
Peace be with you.
With you, Father.

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