elysabeth faslund

Rookie (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

elysabeth faslund Poems

521. The Gardener's Wisdom 4/16/2008
522. Picture Frame Around The Garden Of Eden 4/22/2007
523. Global Warming...Sonnet* 8/22/2007
524. Our Love Is Deeper Than The Ocean...(Humor) * 6/23/2007
525. A Winter Willow... Sonnet 9/10/2007
526. I Will Walk With You 5/22/2007
527. An Old Man Told Me This* 6/8/2007
528. Ah! The Country Life...Bellvue...(Humor) 7/13/2007
529. Dumb Blondes...I'M One! ! ...(Humor) 6/27/2007
530. Ivy And The Rose* 6/15/2007
531. The Glove Thrown Down 2/13/2008
532. Katrina: Mortgage On Heaven? 5/23/2007
533. A Wolf Named Tennessee* 9/13/2007
534. Holidays' Journey* 9/16/2007
535. One Day In The Life Of An Ice Age* 5/10/2007
536. Star Journeys: Vivace 11/12/2007
537. A Slow Poemhunter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...(Humor) 7/24/2007
538. Good Morning! 9/20/2007
539. A Sweet Thang Needs Sugar...(Humor) 6/23/2007
540. Ain'T Love Great When He Has Bad Dreams? (Humor) 6/23/2007
541. All About A Genie Poet And Poetess In Poemhunter 5/5/2007
542. Garfield 1/29/2008
543. In Other Words 6/22/2007
544. Mah-Ve-Lous Cat...(Humor) * 6/22/2007
545. Ah! The Country Life...A Study In Patience...(Humor) 7/13/2007
546. A Free Bird's Love Song* 6/15/2007
547. Advice From My First Marriage 7/28/2007
548. A Woman 6/16/2007
549. A Timed Sonnet* 8/4/2007
550. Blood Type Of Space 6/22/2007
551. Earth-Woman 5/2/2007
552. A Woman Says 'Talk Dirty To Me'...(Humor) * 6/5/2007
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A Woman Says 'Talk Dirty To Me'...(Humor) *

A woman runs around the house all day
Thinking 'This night, I'll play,
I'll tickle his fancy when he gets home.
After all, I've cleaned, cooked, all alone.'

Then through the door her man appears
With bundles of flowers, a case of beer,
His caseload of work, and smiling still!
The woman is happy! Steaks on the grill! !

They dine with candles alight,
He pats her ass, whispers, 'Tonight.'
She's bought a naughty at a store.
Slithers into bed and hears the snore!

Slithers out of bed, smashes a plate
Loud enough to begin a debate.
He ...

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Sandstone talons etched your name, tested your ripeness,
Signaled to eagle-high ledges...
A foot rose, fell, and your soul was at one with the peak.
You became one with the mountain...
Did it become one with you...
Did you both journey higher, lower, or to the side.
Hard to hide a mountain, easy to cover a soul,
Until Eternity's dust settles...
Other mountains, other souls, waiting within the air.

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