Eman Elbadawi

Eman Elbadawi Poems

81. Bid Me / Beauty 5/20/2005
82. Something Special 9/13/2005
83. Buhto Dear 1/6/2008
84. The Shell And The Waves 2/13/2006
85. His Kingdom 9/12/2006
86. By The Sea-Side 3/11/2004
87. God Is The Most Beautiful 3/19/2010
88. Revision Questions 12/31/2015
89. When It Was Winter 2/12/2012
90. It Was A World/ Titanic 12/17/2009
91. Freedom 1/7/2008
92. Egypt Will Live 9/12/2006
93. We Are Against Terrorism 7/9/2005
94. A New Flower 3/31/2006
95. My Brother 3/8/2008
96. My Father 6/14/2005
97. Born In Spring 3/17/2007
98. I Had My Tears Dried 3/6/2008
99. Spring 2/4/2005
Best Poem of Eman Elbadawi


Flowers are on their way to bloom
Birds do twitter in the sky
You see
The sea &
The sky
Are blue
Love is the essence of life
And I am on my way to you!

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Remember Me

Dear moments, dearest, stay please don't go
Don't let long hours kill my heart
Poor heart you need me here I know
I wish to stay yet I must go
Then I'll die without you
Come come future dear moments wait for you
It's Fate who bids not you not me
It's once together once apart
Now drie your tears take what I say

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