Ember Stardust

Rookie (10-2-98 / California)

Biography of Ember Stardust

Well im 13 and I attend san elijo middle school. I love making people laugh as well as writing poems and stories. My life has never been perfect or horrible but mostly in beetween. My stepdad does all he can in his power to make me miserable (which isnt working) and i have great friends who may not be the best but there my friends and i apprciate them as they are. I love to read (my dad warns ill become anti social, but sooo not happening) and hike or do something adventurous. My mom is crazy, like litterally because one time she had to go to this place where they take away your cell phone and you cant have any contact with them. She also smokes for stress and im sad and mad at her for that since my grandma died from smoking (im not saying i hate people that smoke it just is disapointing for me when i see someone smoke) . My little brother kenny whos 5 years old seems to not really like me but im fine with that ive always been more…independent. Other than that my life pretty much sucks cause i reacently found out my lesbian aunt (im not a hater for gays, bi-sexual, and lesbians) got molested by her unkle. Thnx for reading! : D

Ember Stardust's Works:

None so far because im 13 so im not an amazing writer but i love writing them anyway. I hope to publish some in the future

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Promise Me

Promise me one thing before I go
That you will love another
Though you say
That you wont

Promise me that
You will never forget
The warmth of our love
We share in a kiss

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