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four boys in my neighborhood
who were interested craftily zoomed
formed a group to help them scoop
my attention using individual invention

grandma, your absence left such void in my heart
past the barking dogs we stepped into the yard
saw your hut you used to sit at a spot knees bent
missed your presence in everything, Abayeto, grand

Is the one you saw.
Is the one you heard.
Is the one you comprehend
when I appealed.

Happy Birthday to you, young lady!
countdown has come to an end
this is it celebrate event grand
time to step into womanhood


weathered lockdown past year head spinning
power within unleashed potential surface embrace
seamlessly not, far from it, winning resilience
three children under care each unique needs wants

at this stage where I am at let's evaluate
reflecting on the winding routes I took
in most regards am content glad to report
time to celebrate birthday take a step back


I ride my bike on the way to work
'place must be far then, ' 'no, it is not,
three minutes tops, ' 'why don't you walk? '
season hot restrict movement vehicle convenient


my boys milestone lauded achievement outstanding indeed
academic year complete with flying colors let's celebrate
recognition at award ceremony spoke volumes to gathered
primary to high school each student owner of unique talent


fifty mothers shared stories for kids in a book form
we sauntered to table browsing through the pile
drawn to display little one his inquisitive eyes roam
sharp antenna at work unquenchable bubble


project major kept awake mother, our dear sister
preparation for celebration of first born graduation
legendary university at father's birthplace at boy's favor
packing before online booking, mapped out destination

Dear Mrs. Gibson! am glad you weren't present at event
those dear boys showed up as bearded afro guys
trending style leaves no trace of cuteness, it's absent
I miss crew cut sharp look of uniformed students


Pom livened up Buhe holiday presenting unique touch
doled out sealed cookie delicious delicacy all around
at grandparents munch away appreciative of taste rich
all that inside small girly bag no doubt roomy indeed


'respected regalia in grade eight? ' grandpa indignant
'back in the days prerequisite twenty five years of education
allowed to see gown eve of graduation, worth the wait'
explained hard work symbolical value contained within


son, got a friend in me convo strengthens bond
I miss caring for you at close range this past trying year
feeding, bathing, taking walks in the neighborhood
times we spent together memories to treasure forever

Naol mother's alarm bell remarkable personality enthrall
has an astounding insight perceptive of what goes on around
these qualities inflective, expressive, interactive come natural
capability overwhelm siblings, grumbling they would respond


second day of the new year children dashed in first
adults trailed behind, welcoming grandparents yard
hailing in season reason, top it up celebrate birthdate
both were bore three days apart click in most regard

fully enclosed actually veiled believed sign of good luck, hark
'he was covered in Kirtas greatness guaranteed, ' granny says
sheltered world appearance 'a phenomenon, ' absolute magic
fascinating coming out still intact what a spectacular entrance

emebet mesfin Biography

I am an Ethiopian woman. Writing, walking and washing describe me best. My quest for identity is widening my outlook about the world. I come from two different cultures. My mother who speaks Oromigna is from Wadjitu located in Central Shewa. My father was born in Dorze Hayzo. It is found in the Southern part of Ethiopia. He speaks Dorzigna. I have strong ties with family, extended family members and relatives. Looking after nephew Nawi helped me to redefine myself in a new way these past two years. Corona Virus, the pandemic, is also teaching me lessons about valuing precious life and human relations. I am the follower of The Art of Living spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I hope to be a full fledged yogi someday. As a poetess, I do exercise poetry in some form but I have become a sonneteer who struggles to get iambic pentameter right. My gratitude sonnets are helping me to thrive in a new dimension. Tony Robbins has become my guiding star!)

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Mentor.African. Dedicated to better humanity. Invincible through his personality. Bright face lighting the world. Astounding love he had for mankind.M A D I B A!

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