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Biography of emebet mesfin

I am an Ethiopian woman. Writing, walking and washing describe me best. My quest for identity is widening my outlook about the world. I come from two different cultures. My mother who speaks Oromigna is from Wadjitu located in Central Shewa. My father was born in Dorze Hayzo. It is found in the Southern part of Ethiopia. He speaks Dorzigna. I have strong ties with family, extended family members and relatives. Looking after nephew Nawi helped me to redefine myself in a new way these past two years. Corona Virus, the pandemic, is also teaching me lessons about human relations. I am the follower of The Art of Living spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I hope to be a full fledged yogis someday. As a poetess, I do exercise poetry in some form but I have become a sonneteer who struggles to get iambic pentameter right.

emebet mesfin's Works:

Temakeso is my first published book for children at Authorhouse. It's about the Meskel Holiday. Meskel means cross in Amharic. There are twenty five pictures in it.

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Abu Dhabi Rain(Part Two)

look at this one
Is it gray is it not?
Is it black is it not?
Is it blue is it not?
Is it white is it not?
blend of blue black gray and white
I am worried
better head back
thank you, God! I enjoyed my walk