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Emelita C. Smith Poems

1. Way Back Into Love 3/27/2012
2. Silence 3/28/2012
3. Out Cast 3/28/2012
4. I Wonder 3/28/2012
5. Forever You And I 3/28/2012
6. My Love Will Always True 3/29/2012
7. Home 3/29/2012
8. A Letter For You 4/2/2012
9. You 4/2/2012
10. Try You May 4/2/2012
11. Your Kiss 4/2/2012
12. The Apple Of My Eyes 4/2/2012
13. Where Is The Love? 4/4/2012
14. Our Love 4/7/2012
15. The Road To Happiness 4/8/2012
16. Distance Is Not A Hindrance 4/10/2012
17. Proud To Be Yours 4/10/2012
18. A Wish For A Friend 4/10/2012
19. When I Met You 3/11/2012
20. When Was The Last Time I Felt So Special? 3/23/2012
21. Love Web 3/27/2012
22. Oh! 4/16/2012
23. Remembering Old Days 4/16/2012
24. You'Re Still The One 4/16/2012
25. Rhymes In My Heart 4/16/2012
26. A Piece Of Me 4/16/2012
27. 'It Is Still Nothing Else Matter' 6/5/2012
28. ' My Man' 11/30/2014
29. The Day We Said Goodbye 11/10/2012
30. Oh! Sweetheart 4/23/2015
31. Love 4/23/2015
32. Bed Of Roses 4/27/2015
33. The Gift 12/2/2015
34. Your Heart Beat And Mine 12/6/2015
35. Love Is 12/8/2015
36. My Love 12/10/2015
37. Silent Night 12/29/2015
38. I Dream Of Love Tonight 1/3/2016
39. Magic Through Your Eyes 2/17/2016
40. All Of Me 2/29/2016

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There are times I look at the sky
and I wondered why the moon
shines only at night, where did it
go during the daylight?

There are times I look at the sun
and I wondered why it only smile
during the day, where did it
go at night?

There are times I feel the wind
touches my skin and I wondered
why, I cannot hold it in my arms
and keep it by my side?

There are times I closed my eyes
and I wondered why, I still can see
the image of life even in the dark
why can't I choose what to see?

There are times in my life I ...

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All That I Am

I am not a writer but I have written our love story.
I am not a poet but I wrote for you a poem.
I am not a singer but I sing a love song for you.
I am not a dancer but I dance with you in the rain.
I am not a painter but I have paint the rainbow for you.
I am not perfect but loving you makes me the best.
If I am an angel, I will wrap you softly in my wings.
If I am a pillow, I will let you lay down on my softness.
If you're in the dark, I will be your guiding light.

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