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Emelita C. Smith Poems

41. Stealing A Kiss 4/4/2016
42. My Dearest Mother 4/14/2016
43. I Wish I'm The One 6/5/2016
44. You And Me 2/5/2016
45. A Lovely Affair 11/16/2012
46. I Was Once A Dreamer 9/29/2012
47. 'As Long As I Have You' 4/16/2012
48. Thank You Mama (Mother's Day) 4/16/2012
49. The Gift Of Love 3/11/2012
50. For My Sweetheart 1/19/2015
51. My First Poem 1/27/2015
52. The Corner Stone (For Father's Day) 4/16/2012
53. A Poem For You 4/10/2012
54. I Love You 4/16/2012
55. My Precious Little Girl 3/29/2012
56. Words 3/29/2012
57. I Miss You 4/21/2015
58. Long Distance Love 4/22/2015
59. A Lover's Fright 12/29/2015
60. It's Christmas Time 11/30/2015
61. Love's A Mystery 2/7/2016
62. Sweet Love 1/5/2016
63. My Morning Delight 1/29/2016
64. An Angel (Mother's Day Poem) 4/10/2012
65. 'Passion And Desire' 4/10/2012
66. All That I Am 3/27/2012
67. Love Of Country 9/5/2014
68. I Want To Be Your Everything 3/27/2012
69. Why? 4/2/2015

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There are times I look at the sky
and I wondered why the moon
shines only at night, where did it
go during the daylight?

There are times I look at the sun
and I wondered why it only smile
during the day, where did it
go at night?

There are times I feel the wind
touches my skin and I wondered
why, I cannot hold it in my arms
and keep it by my side?

There are times I closed my eyes
and I wondered why, I still can see
the image of life even in the dark
why can't I choose what to see?

There are times in my life I ...

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Love Web

As he look at me
with love and lust,
I feel the heat
radiating from
his body pass
through the screen
and reach upon my skin.

Throbbed through

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