Emelita C. Smith

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Emelita C. Smith Quotes

  • ''Do not define love, let love define you.''
    To have a successful relationship, stop defining what is love, let your own love define it.
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  • ''Heart guides the deepest part of a person while brain guides the minds which see only the physical appearance.''
    It's true the heart is blind, it can not see. However, the heart can feel the emotions of a person. The mind can read but can not feel. Be careful, be wise.

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Way Back Into Love

I can not write a poem anymore.
I sung a love song no more.
My song lost its lyrics.
My melody has no tune.
My words of love have died.
My inspiration has run dry.
The music of my soul has gone quiet.
I feel the deafening silence in my veins.
I see no stars at night.

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