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emergingfrom thedark Poems

1. Remind Me 5/10/2009
2. Soon 5/10/2009
3. Peace 5/10/2009
4. The Path 5/10/2009
5. Nuclear Heart 5/10/2009
6. Godray 5/10/2009
7. The Last Supper 5/10/2009
8. Monstrosity 5/10/2009
9. This Loneliness Shalln'T Last 5/10/2009
10. Blurred 5/10/2009
11. Quiet Lies Revealed 5/10/2009
12. Boundless 5/10/2009
13. Embers 5/11/2009
14. The Martyr 5/11/2009
15. You 5/11/2009
16. United 5/11/2009
17. Confusion, Pt. One 5/11/2009
18. Confusion, Pt. Two 5/11/2009
19. Humanity 5/11/2009
20. None Come 5/11/2009
21. Solitude 5/11/2009
22. Tired 5/11/2009
23. Dear World: 5/10/2009
24. The Atomic Girl 5/10/2009
Best Poem of emergingfrom thedark

The Atomic Girl

Betrayal may be so much less than most think.
It's not an action; but a passive void;
a lack of things anticipated and yearned for.
Such an empty feeling; suspicions of thoughts left un-relayed;
indications of feelings clashing; smashing; splitting apart.

Nothing happens here.
A no-man's-land of emotional sandstorms;
my heart is an abyss without someone else to soothe it.
A heart broken and misshapen when healed;
a soul yearning only to keep others satisfied.

Fat Man, Little Boy, and Odd Girl.
I can annihilate; I can hurt
so many that I love and ...

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Nuclear Heart

Inside a withered, tethered, broken soul: there lies a flame.
Mine is dim, but gath'ring energy;
heat and light brough forth from the combustion of
my failed hopes; my dreams crumbling into the ashes
of illusion they have become;
nuclear fusion combining every achievement I was born to fulfill
with the more multitudinous fallacies of goals I have believed; have pursued,
until all my dreams and nightmares are inseverable-
One Nation, Indivisible, with the purpose of providing me with h

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