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My name is Emily Krauss. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia which is surrounded by the mountains and also the ocean. From an early age I can remember having an interest in creative writing. I enjoy dabbling in writing stories and poetry and have a dream of one day making it as an author. I also enjoy journaling and blogging. I have a goal to write down all of my memories so that when I am old and if I have dementia I will be able to look back and read all of the old journals that I wrote and none of my memories will disappear. I also enjoy being creative in arts, crafts, music and textiles.

Emily 1 Krauss's Works:

Poems From The Heart (Self-Published)

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There is nothing better
Then sitting by the fire
And drinking a warm cup of tea

While knitting, playing the ukulele, reading
Or doing whatever you love to do
In the comfort of your cozy home.

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