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I have always been a quiet individual. I've written to solve my problems, written when I was happy, or just when I was bored. I keep a small journal with me at all times in case I feel the need to write or just if I happen to be inspired. I can basically be described in one word as 'artistic'. I not only write, but I draw, paint, sing, and sculpt. My friends call me 'spiritual' and whatnot, and I just laugh. I guess what they say could be true, though...

Myspace: www.myspace.com/chinchillas_are_hot
Myspace2: www.myspace.com/death_of_a_suicide_angel
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What Is...

What is DEATH...if not God's way of saying we passed His ultimate test?
What is LOVE...if not that delusional feeling we get when near that special someone?

What is GRIEF...if not the strenuous emotion that washes over us when we think of that lost loved one?
What is PEACE...if not the neutrality between two seperate beings?

What is JOY...if not the pleasure of knowing something we had not known before?
What is PRIDE...if not that arrogant feeling we get when we accomplish something

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