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I'm 13 years old and in the 8th grade. I have a passion for writing and acting. I made an account on PoemHunter because I wanted to share my poems with as many people as possible. It would be highly apriated if there were to be no inaproriate langauge or sayings in the comments or messages. I like getting feedback, so please leave your thoughts in a comment.

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Soul Mates

A slilent tear exsapes his grasp and rolls down his left cheek freely and lonly for it's all he is capable of showing his emotion so truly.
For he is ashamed of himself for loving the one who doesnt love him. He silently whimpers in self grief.
When you hurt yourself, you kill me.
I love you too much, I can't bare the pain. Please stop! How could I not love you? ! I've said it a thousand times. I'll say it a thousand more. You're my soul mate and only love for ever more.

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