Emily Allard

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Biography of Emily Allard

I'm a simple person with simple pleasures. I like reading, writing, singing and dancing. I love helping people whenever possible. I have a 7 yr old daughter named Leah who means everything to me. I'm diff everyday just a little crazy and as honest as you can get. I'm not afraid to speak my mind but I'll listen if you have something to say. I'm pretty easy going but can be high strung. Music is my souls voice. I love the fall. Love my family but don't feel I need to see them that often which makes it easier. I want marriage, more children and the white picked fence but I'll settle for a smile some ice cream and a nice bubble bath. To know me is to be curious. You never know just what you're going to get. That's what makes it so much fun right? ? ? ;)

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Lies We Believe

A world of illusions, a world of fear. Forgetting the treasures which our hearts hold dear. Fighting for freedom when its all ready our own. Turning a blind eye to what we've been shown. We are all connected, this life is not real. Up on our pedastals when we should kneel. Helping one another, not causing harm. Not giving into temptations or devili

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