Emily James Putnam

Biography of Emily James Putnam

Emily James Smith Putnam (born Canandaigua, 15 April 1865; died 1944) was a United States author and educator

She was the daughter of Justice James C. Smith. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1889 and studied at Girton College, Cambridge University, in 1889-90. She was teacher of Greek at the Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, in 1891-93. She was a fellow in Greek at the University of Chicago in 1893-94, and dean of Barnard College in 1894-1900. She married George Haven Putnam in 1899.

She was a trustee of Barnard College in 1900-05, and vice-president and manager of the Women's University Club, New York City, in 1907-11. In 1901-04 she was president of the League for Political Education.

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