Emily Moore

Rookie (13/06/1990)

Biography of Emily Moore

I started writing about three years back when my life was tough. Sometimes i put my thoughts into poetry and create something worth reading and other times i create a load of rubbish, that i will admit are not worth reading. Poems help me escape what i really feel inside. I can imagine a situation and build upon. Alot of my work is from the heart but i just add more to what i feel in poetry. My life is back on track but i have only been able to call it a life for about three years. Before i hated life and my family, now i have setteled down i am more relaxed and i am able to translate what i used to feel in to words and my words are those in my poems. A lot of my poems portray dark subjects but there is one I feel is very special to me and not so dark. ‘A voice of the loving dead’ is a poem I wrote when my granddad died. I felt that I wasn’t as close to him as well as I could have been, and I made an effort to write something, that I feel people would want to happen, especially him. He wouldn’t have wanted to be forgotten but he wouldn’t have wanted to be mourned over. If I was older I would have read this at his funeral and every word I wrote I feel came from his heart to mine.

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To Fail

It wasn’t set in stone
She stood alone
A mystery to be unveiled
A dream that hadn’t yet sailed
Quietly she took her dream
And threw it, or so it would seem
The people she knew, knew nothing of it
And she detested every bit
She never achieved, so she couldn’t believe

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