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The names emily! ! First Of All, I D0N'T Like Drama; Second, If You Get Me Started, I Will End Uhp Punching You, In The Face :)
[$$$] I'll Let You Know, I Do What I Want When I Want It; I Get In Trouble A Lot, - I Speak My Mind, And Thats That! No One Can Change Me, Unless I've Fallen Too Hard!
I've Been Told i Start A Lot Of Crap, I Try To End It In The Best Ways Possible, But If That Dont Happen. Guess It's Done - You Can Like Me, You Can Hate Me, But Any Thing You Like Or Hate, Gets Around, &nd Makes Me Famous. So Keep Hattin' &nd Keep Dreamin'
I'm different than most girls, and definitely loud and outgoing. I love to be around my friends, and I like having a good time. I live life to the fullest. Remember the good and forget the bad. I don't like living in the past, and I let go of everything that hurts me. Everything I've been through has made me stronger. I Dont Care If You Like Me Or Not, Because Its Better To be Hateed For Who you Are, then Being Loved For Who Your NOT! (:
I'm so much more than what you're reading, so get to know me. I'm amazing (:

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I Own This

Jealousy and Evny will get you nowhere fast
The ugly vibes you send me just make me wanna laugh
Now why you wanna ruin perfect situations
Some call it hatin' but I call it fabriction
Quit spreadin' rumors before you make me loose my patience

U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi so why you constantly up in my mix
U-G-L-Y better find yourself another guy cause chica please believe I own this

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