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Rookie (November 3,1993 / San Antonio)

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My names Emily and I'm 15 soon to be 16 (: I have some pretty close friends but no one knows everything. Writing, reading, running, and music has always been my escape. I run cross country and track. I dont label myself because I'm just me, I listen to what I want to listen to. I wear what i want to wear. I've stopped caring what other people think and I've come to realization that love isn't as simple as I thought. Have you ever felt pain? The kind of pain where you can feel it suging through every muscle? What about happiness? The kind where the smile your wearing cant leave your face for even a split second because to you nothing is wrong in the world? Have you ever felt that knife slowly jabbing in between your shoulder blades? Or be held in that hug which seems to last forever? What about the confusion before the razor grazes your skin? Or the frustration while you await your next kiss? The butterflies when holding that one precious hand? Or your last breath escape you as he pushes you off the edge? My poems are demonstrating some of my thoughts, my feelings, and maybe...just maybe, you can relate.

Emily Torres's Works:

Gemini Ink

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Leave Before You Break

I just want to break you
I just want to tear you down
I just want to push you off the edge
And wait till you hit the ground
I just want to scream
I just want you to fall
Cant you see im no good for you
So why are you still holding on
Cant you just let go

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