Emma Beverage

Rookie - 2 Points (November 4,1949 / Roswell, New Mexico)

Emma Beverage Poems

1. A Poem I Have Penned 2/15/2006
2. Every Life Is Sacred 2/15/2006
3. This Is What That Road Meant 2/15/2006
4. I Will Walk With God Today 2/23/2006
5. Decomposed 2/23/2006
6. Words I'Ve Written With My Pen 2/23/2006
7. Gertrude 2/23/2006
8. Going Back 2/23/2006
9. Yin And Yang 2/23/2006
10. Mary Alverna Stowell - Beverage - June 8,1926 – June 11,2007 6/16/2010
11. Tk Was My Friend 6/16/2010
12. They Know Not What They Do 6/20/2010
13. The Proper Use Of Control 6/20/2010
14. From My Lips … 6/27/2010
15. Innocence Of Youth 2/23/2006
16. Rings In The Ocean 2/23/2006
17. When Things Don'T Work Out 2/23/2006
18. Poem To My Dad 6/16/2010
19. Rush, Rush 2/16/2006
20. We Will Have Peace 4/2/2008
21. Epistolary Poem 2/23/2006
22. These Hands Of Mine 2/23/2006
23. They Crucified Jesus 2/24/2006
24. Fetching Water 3/6/2006
25. Whose Life Is This? 2/23/2006
26. Birthing, Living And Dying Alone 2/23/2006
27. Black Widow 2/23/2006
28. I Want To Be As Smart As My Cat 2/15/2006
29. Patterns 3/6/2006
30. Math Poem 3/2/2006

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Best Poem of Emma Beverage

Math Poem

My mind is turning into scrambled eggs!
What is x and y to the power of three?
Whole numbers, mixed numbers and absolute,
exponents, integers and factoring trees.

Terms, expressions and what is the root?
It all sounds like Greek to me.

I must write a poem for another class.
I’m running out of time much too fast.
So I’ll talk about digits and my reaction,
while I attempt to work these equations.

Mixed operations in an expression
must be done in the following manner.
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally,
to help me remember the proper ...

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These Hands Of Mine

these hands of mine
are strong, and kind
rough, working hands,
they’ve paid their dues.
they milked the cow
when I was young,
fed chickens too
they have played sports
upon the courts

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