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HI my name is Emma, I have been writing stories and poems since I first learnt to write. I am now 12 years old and I am continuously posting my best poems on poemhunter aswell as writing stories and poems in my books and for my teacher.

I write to express my feelings- not to compete against others.
My favourite poem that I have written is definitely Louie the little black dog, (which is posted on poemhunter) and I wrote it about my nans little black poodle who passed away on Feb 3rd 2009 at the age of 14, we all missed him terribly at the time, but now we realise that it was for the best.

R.I.P Louie

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Love is a mystery
love is a gift
for when we are down
and we need a lift
Love is lyrics
love is a song
a melody that takes us
back where we belong
It's all you need

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