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Poetry is a language all of it's own, an art. It expresses our innermost thoughts, emotions and dreams, in ways nothing else can. The poet is an artist, who paints his pictures with words. Reaching a part of the heart nothing else can.
About me, I love to read (I'm a complete and total book worm!) , and I love to draw.
Besides poems, I have written several song lyrics and am working on my first book.

Emma Kessler's Works:

I have no published books yet, but I am working on some of my many ideas.

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No Longer Can I Stay

My tongue is heavy
With words I have left unspoken
I want to tell you
But my heart thinks I would be mistaken

I don't know how long I'll be gone
So I want to say goodbye
But you would never let me leave
No matter how hard I tried

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