Emma Kessler

Emma Kessler Poems

1. The Person In The Photograph 2/27/2010
2. Recipe For Poetry 2/27/2010
3. What Are You? 2/27/2010
4. He'Ll Never Notice 7/2/2010
5. The Challenge 9/15/2010
6. Master Of The Masks 9/28/2010
7. No Better Passage 12/9/2009
8. Words Fill My Head 12/2/2009
9. Too Far, Too Fast 1/9/2010
10. When Did That Change? 1/9/2010
11. You Killed Me 3/16/2010
12. Only In My Heart 12/7/2009
13. Trees Of Paper, Pools Of Ink 1/27/2010
14. In The Wrong World 12/2/2009
15. No Longer Can I Stay 12/2/2009
16. Inspiration 12/22/2009
17. What If The World Was Just A Book? 12/9/2009
18. The Sea, That Is, Your Eyes 1/9/2010
19. Word Of Your Death 1/9/2010
20. The Women Of Death 12/21/2009
21. Dedicated To....... 1/27/2010
22. Despair 1/24/2010

Comments about Emma Kessler

  • Lindemberg Pereira (5/29/2010 2:38:00 AM)

    'Dreams of the Spring'

    Emma is still a young girl.However, someone's talent is not defined by his or her age at all.A talent can be better worked on if you start working earlier on it.The fact is very well accepted by the history.A lot of the great talents that we know they were worked on in their characters when they were younger, when they were what we can call as 'the spring of their lives.'
    And there's no better season than the spring.The spring is a best word for the youth because as you get older, things become more and more difficult and the energy will not be the same any more.It's like in the winter or fall.
    It is very important for someone who intends to be a writer someday that earlier he or she starts to define his or her own style.It takes time, and we'll find it step by step, bit by bit.The style will show us by itself.
    I personally like Emma's style.It is something new and different for me.Also creative and interesting.Besides that, Emma is a very smart girl against her own age.I have read almost her whole works here and I loved and enjoyed them very much.The unknown reader will also confirm my words.
    Emma is a girl who dreams of being a great writer someday in the spring of her life.And her poems here are the first flowers of a garden which will be more and more flourished someday in the future as time goes by.

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Best Poem of Emma Kessler


That's what I am
Why does the world
have to be like this?
Why can't things ever
work out for me?

That's what I'm doing
Crying out tears that drag out
my sadness, my pain, my confusion

That's what I want to do
Cease feeling the wrongs of the world
All weighing down on me
Until I feel I am crushed

How can I forget the sadness?
How can I stop the pain?
How can I heal these scars
left on my heart?

Never will I be able to rid my life
of all it's troubles
Never can I heal ...

Read the full of Despair

No Longer Can I Stay

My tongue is heavy
With words I have left unspoken
I want to tell you
But my heart thinks I would be mistaken

I don't know how long I'll be gone
So I want to say goodbye
But you would never let me leave
No matter how hard I tried

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