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I am not much of a poet, I just write. When it comes to poets, I love Charles Bukowski, and Pablo Neruda.
My favorite writers include Henry Rollins, and Tom Robbins who have both inspired me to not only be creative, and imaginative, but to be real.
One of my favorite singers is Josh Ritter.
If you get the time Listen to ' Girl in the War'
best song ever.

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Deceiving Eyes

It's in those eyes I crumble.
They break me down, and make me weak.
You're searching for something with your gaze,
and I am overcome with a sudden, consuming fear.
There is nothing inside of me for you.
There is no warmth, no desire.
I can't feel anything for you.
I haven't the ability to reach out to you.
You don't want any part of my train wrecked soul.

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