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81. I Wanted To Call Your Name 5/4/2016
82. True Love Is Colourful 5/4/2016
83. Save Nature, Save People, Save The World 5/11/2016
84. Children Are Your Signatures 5/11/2016
85. When I Met You 5/11/2016
86. Blind Lovers 5/11/2016
87. 15 H's 5/11/2016
88. Thank You For Who I Am 5/16/2016
89. This Rare Moment 5/16/2016
90. Love 5/16/2016
91. The Sweetness Of Parenthood 5/16/2016
92. Like A Chef About To Cook 5/16/2016
93. Good Bye And Welcome 5/17/2016
94. Go Get Her 5/18/2016
95. It Is You Not Her 11/11/2013
96. Flying Without Wings On The Inside 6/23/2017
97. Shine, Just Shine 6/27/2017
98. Tourist 2/21/2014
99. God Doesn'T Tolerate Sin He Just Accepts Sinners 10/4/2013
100. Join The Race 10/4/2013
101. Nothing Matters 11/11/2013
102. Patiently Waiting 10/23/2013
103. Life Anew 10/4/2013
104. Only If I Was A Song 10/10/2013
105. We Can't Be That Far 4/13/2016
106. I Just Can't Stop Them 6/15/2017
107. How Can I Touch Your Soul 6/22/2017
108. You And Me On The Seashore 5/23/2016
109. A Together 5/4/2016
110. The Beauty Of Silence 5/4/2016
111. Driven By A Stranger 11/3/2013
112. For Your Love 10/11/2013
113. My Name 4/5/2016
114. Am Tired Of My Life 10/16/2013

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Am Tired Of My Life

Am tired of my life
I want to live your life;

Am tired of living like a pest
Instead of constructing, damaging instead;

I no longer have the energy to live like a parasite
Benefiting from you and never returning the favor;

I don’t want to be like an orchard either,
It is nothing to gain from you but still remain small in my life;

Am done living like a dog
I am eager not going back to my old ways;

Am tired of being wherever there is rotten life or dead life
It feels bad to live like a vulture or a hyena, for that life is enjoyable for a...

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Small I was then when I met you
A toddler was my look, yet had a big heart to love
My eyes, heart fell on you
My little love started to grow within the little me
I began to change because I had met you

Meeting you was not by accident
Nor was it an accident, yet I ended up with amnesia
No matter how much you said no,

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