Emmanuel Emesakoru

Emmanuel Emesakoru Poems

1. Doesn'T Matter 1/25/2006
2. No Greater Feeling 1/25/2006
3. I Don'T Mind 1/25/2006
4. Ivette: My Spanish Angel 1/25/2006
5. My Last Moments Here On Earth 1/25/2006
6. Hard To Believe I Still Want You 1/25/2006
7. Loving You, Always 1/25/2006
8. Your Hold Over Me 1/25/2006
9. Whenever We Are Apart 1/25/2006
10. The Way You Make Me Feel 1/25/2006
11. Imagine Me 1/25/2006
12. On That Day 1/25/2006
13. Since I Met You 1/25/2006
14. Unshed Tears 1/25/2006
15. Beautiful In All Ramification 1/25/2006
16. I See You 1/25/2006
17. My Precious Gold 1/25/2006
18. At Valentine, Forever And Even After Now 1/25/2006
19. Valentine's Day 1/25/2006
20. ...Every Valentine 1/25/2006
21. Hypnotized 1/25/2006
22. Like A Painter And His Brush 1/25/2006
23. Don'T Leave Me Now 1/25/2006
24. The Magic Of Your Face 1/25/2006
25. Take My Hands 1/25/2006
26. I'Ll Always Love You 1/25/2006
27. I'Ll Stand By You 1/25/2006
28. Wait For Me 1/25/2006
29. I'Ll Wait For You My Love 1/25/2006
30. Tearful Goodbye 1/25/2006
31. Sweet-Sour Emotions 1/25/2006
32. Remember 1/25/2006
33. Now That I Got You 1/25/2006
34. It Takes Two 1/25/2006
35. I'Ll Still Follow You 1/25/2006
36. Where I Find You 1/25/2006
37. Love Is A Wonderland 1/25/2006
38. For You, My Future Bride 1/25/2006
39. Your Awesome Presence - All I Need 1/25/2006
40. A Better Day Awaits Thee 1/25/2006
Best Poem of Emmanuel Emesakoru

Magic Always

There's magic when we hold hands
When you slip your fingers into mine
The memory always lingers

Magic always does happen
Within the feel of your palm

There's magic when we stare at each other
With no words spoken at all
The fire always burns

Magic always does happen
When I'm lost, staring at you

There's magic whenever we kiss
When your lips feather mine
I thirst for more of you

Magic always does happen
As my throat constricts

There's magic when we make love
On cloud nine to the skies above
I yearn for more of ...

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You Alone

You alone made my heart flutter like a flag
You alone trampled on my emotions like a rag
You alone sang me songs like an evening bird
But now you're acting really crazy and weird

You promised me you'd give an everlasting bliss
You said if I'm with you, there's nothing I'll miss
You even promised to walk with me down the aisle
Now all I do is sit down all by myself and cry

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