Ency Bearis

Ency Bearis Poems

1. Sorry 1/25/2010
2. Ode To Cheyenne Peppers 3/15/2010
3. A True Love 3/15/2010
4. Ode To Sarah 3/15/2010
5. Splendid Deception 3/30/2010
6. April 3/31/2010
7. April Love 4/1/2010
8. Peace On Easter Sunday 4/3/2010
9. Christen 3/15/2010
10. A View To A Woman's Beauty 3/24/2010
11. The Road To Realm Of Love 4/9/2010
12. In This Island Of Orient Sea 4/28/2010
13. I Count You In The Pages Of My Life 5/17/2010
14. Because You Are Like My Flower 5/18/2010
15. As The Love Go 5/26/2010
16. Abanadi, Sir Am I In Heaven 5/27/2010
17. The Warriors 5/23/2010
18. A Portray - Who Is Lisa? 6/11/2010
19. About The Human Race, A Standpoint 6/13/2010
20. ' To A Fresh New Day ' 6/30/2010
21. A Typical Woman 7/1/2010
22. A Cup Of Coffee [ Senryu ] 7/1/2010
23. ' In A Comfort Zone ' 7/22/2010
24. ' I Am Blind, Mute And Deaf ' 9/4/2011
25. ' In A Shower { Senryu Poem } ' 11/8/2011
26. ' You Let Me Cry ' 11/8/2011
27. ' With Kind Heart [ Haiku Poem ] ' 11/15/2011
28. ' H2o { Senryu Poem } ' 11/15/2011
29. ' Baffled ' [ Senryu ] 2/22/2012
30. ' Auban ' 3/9/2012
31. ' 10000 Questions ' 3/25/2012
32. ' Late Afternoon Events ' 2/9/2012
33. ' And, The Sacrifice ' 8/27/2012
34. ' About The Precept I Take Heed ' 9/27/2012
35. ' And See, Bear Is - Like That Man ' 10/15/2012
36. ' Be My Star ' 10/24/2012
37. ' Alcoholic Lovely Reason ' [ Limerick Poem ] 11/12/2012
38. ' [ Love Still Meanders] ' 8/14/2013
39. ' A Tribute: To The People Of The Philippines ' 12/8/2013
40. ' [ Christmas ] ' 12/18/2013

Comments about Ency Bearis

  • Diane Montemayor Diane Montemayor (12/24/2016 8:59:00 AM)

    Dear Sir,

    Mabuhay po kayo...Great thoughts...


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    1 person did not like.
  • Miriam Maia Padua Miriam Maia Padua (11/2/2011 8:19:00 PM)

    Sir Ency,
    the world is happy to read your works
    you are a versatile poet...
    ..We are waiting for your new works...
    hope to read more new poems from you soon...

  • eloida Capuno eloida Capuno (10/22/2011 6:00:00 AM)

    thank you for appreciating my poems, i'm just about to read yours

  • Fragments Of Light And Love (10/22/2011 12:22:00 AM)

    im so proud to receive words from you....its an honor indeed to be given time by people like you, a good and learned man and most especially my fellow...tnx for your comments....how i wish to good as you are...

  • Kristoffer Randolf Ramos (5/24/2010 5:11:00 AM)

    HI, thanks for the comments about my poem entitled A man as I am, i have read ur poems and it is full of thoughts and wisdom, thanks.. KABABAYAN, im also a nurse here in the Philippines.

  • Eyan Desir (11/25/2009 6:01:00 AM)

    The older the wine the sweeter the juice...
    Keep getting better
    it's a pleasure to read you work...

  • Halana Williams (11/17/2009 12:47:00 PM)

    hmmm if you use vaiations of other words in this poem it would be more effective. But a good read all the same

  • Shashendra Amalshan (7/27/2009 12:45:00 PM)

    Hello my dear sir! ! ! ! !

    I made comments on most of my friends...
    Sir i remember like yesterday when you send me mail about your desire to be a good poet..
    I think you v develop your self in to fine poet indeed.. When i last visited you... i was sort of amazed by how much you v developed yourself as a poet.. you know sir most poets are gifted..
    but you are a poet who develop your skill.. And that s why i admire you most. If any one deserved to be praised in this site.. it is you...

    wish you all the best....write more.. and i m sure you ll reach great heights! ! ! !
    with lots of love

  • Mary Lolly Florence Occenola (6/10/2009 3:23:00 PM)

    your poems are so good, they're addictive and very informative.. :)

    i'm proud of you Kuya.. :)

  • Catrina Heart (1/19/2009 6:53:00 AM)

    Ency.....a poet by heart, my kababayan....You are doing a great job in writing a free verse poetry my friend.

    I am so proud of you sir!

Best Poem of Ency Bearis

To All Soldiers, And Fallen Angels

(A tribute to all soldiers in observance of the Veterans Day)

I wrote this note at the apex of the world ceiling
To highly honor these citizens of the world
A message carried by a spirit or holy being
A seraph perhaps was sent by the good Lord
Laudable praise to all soldiers who are alive
To unlucky angels, who faded to be remembered
To those veterans now with difficulty to thrive
They might be mandated, or just volunteered
And had been to war in behalf of democracy
Some were fallen angels, veterans or still in service
Had satisfied the means of ...

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Blue Like The Ocean

How vast is the ocean?
I know it is in wide scope
How dangerous this ocean?
A lot and too much chances
To explore, you can be drowned
With the waves you can be nowhere
How deep it could be?
Like the love of yours
How vast, how deep

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