Ency Bearis

Ency Bearis Quotes

  • ''If you're determined to succeed - just remember -
    success is sealed in a can
    it can't be bought
    but must be in your thought
    for if you can - you can''
    Motivational attribute
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  • ''The distinction of one person's character can be illustrated by this word: Attitude.''
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  • ''One way to be in good attitude
    is with sincere, heartfelt gratitude

    Ency Bearis''
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  • ''Passion and satisfaction can be achieved favorably
    with the endeavor of a team in good loop of communication.

    Ency Bearis''
    Team Work
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  • ''You cannot please every soul in this world,
    but when you say 'please' to every favor
    you requested, they might be pleased with
    your politeness.

    Ency Bearis''
    Morality, Decency
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  • ''Better to be humble
    you'll find yourself
    in the bubble
    of peace with anybody
    an ideal nobility''
    Inspirational, morality, virtue
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  • ''If you want to be my friend
    act as a friend, we will be in a good blend
    But if you want only to pretend
    It won't rhyme, sorry it will come to an end

    Ency Bearis''
    Friendship, motivational
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  • ''I never thought of love
    but when you came
    to my thoughts
    love taught me
    how to love you

    ~Ency Bearis''
    Love Quote
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  • ''Silence is the mutual friend
    of the soul that blends
    to conscience to repose''
    Peace Of Mind, freedom from worry
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  • ''Poverty drives someone
    be like migrant birds
    be a refugee
    to the greener pastures''
    Poverty, Motivation, Inspirational
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Best Poem of Ency Bearis

' I Know What Love Is '

love was born
long time ago
from the womb
of sanctity

captivating hearts
tantalizing to eyes
magnetic to emotion
unrestrained all the way

roams all over the place
to your soul
to your being
with such demand
like to reach whatever

to the moon and the stars
travel across the ocean
hike the mountains
just for the thrill of it

but the essence of love
is just within
to cherish
the enlightenment
the serene of joy

and to the contrary
the unexplainable pain
the mental anguish
the sacrifices
the ...

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Mellifluous You

I like to keep apart from you
Like in marriage to divorce
I want you to get away from me
Still you whisper nice words

Only recently you went goodbye
Unbekwonst to me you just fly
Like a spirit gone with the wind
But just hide behind the grass like hind

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