Enoon Emdevol

Rookie (Trinidad and Tobago)

Biography of Enoon Emdevol

A flower almost destroyed at an early age,
Through immense heart ache and pain
I use poetry to help turn a page
It truly helps to keep me sane.

My therapy a book
written by me
never thought I'd grasp that hook
intellect did not flee
More about me u do not have to look
for in my book my truth shall be

A child scorned by the west indian hand
A tale of terror had no stand
Older, wiser and mentally better
caution, my words are truth to the letter.

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For My Avraam

Iknow its getting closer
to the day our communication gets lesser,
my heart anxious, my entirety nervous.
off to protect you go
I’m so proud I hope you know,
my love for you still will grow
way beyond the extent of any rainbow,
Your triumph I calculate
Your return I anticipate,

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