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41. Opine 9/15/2017
42. What I Needed 9/17/2017
43. The Lie 9/24/2017
44. Perturbation 9/30/2017
45. Damn 10/17/2017
46. Silhouette 11/25/2017
47. King Of Kings 12/2/2017
48. Onus 12/7/2017
49. As Long As I Have Breath 12/12/2017
50. Fate-Ful 12/20/2017
51. Renewed 12/24/2017
52. Dead Eyes 12/30/2017
53. Mannequin 1/12/2016
54. Why? 1/18/2016
55. 4 Judgement Day 1/31/2016
56. Tortoise Shell 11/9/2015
57. A Waste Of A Martyr 12/7/2015
58. My Absolution 12/16/2015
59. Unloading My Head 2/8/2016
60. Spirit Refuses To Crumble 9/17/2017
61. The Bridge Of Forgiveness 9/17/2017

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My Absolution

It's about that time
A long rest in the cards
I've said that before
And one knows that I'm not the best
At keeping promises
But this is it
It's gotta be
I've spilled my guts
Laid down my burdens
Bloodied, battered
For all the world to see
Just go with the hyperbole.

I need to recharge
Return with something new
I've proven that change
Is ever gradual
Sometimes at a snail like pace
But the world needs
Some hope, happiness
Instead of the sadness, maddening depression
They feel way too often
But too much
It becomes a ...

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Why look outside for acceptance?
When the answer has always been within?
The internal compass will lead the way
If I just lay down my burdens
Let them go without a fight
The trials and tribulations of a stubborn man.

Why question his existence?
He is everywhere

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