Eric Amani

Biography of Eric Amani

Eric Amani Samuel Humphrey Mramba is my name. I was born in Malindi District at a place known as Watamu in the coastal regions of Kenya. I grew up there and studied my primary education in different schools. In the year 2007, I sat for my national examination and did well. I later joined high school in Barani secondary with which I stayed for a year transfered to ACK St. Bartholomew then transfered again to Malindi Premier high school where I finished my studies and went to Mount Kenya University for further studies as a computer programmer and software engineer.

Eric Amani's Works:

Currently no but I'm in the process of publishing.. Updates

My Love

My life is recast
your love to me is cast
the wine is in the cask
serving you isn't a task
let's toast for our trust
me and you together at last
my feelings to you are not lust
but my love for you will forever last..