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i am 58 years old... have been writing poetry for over 40 years... had a troubled youth, was in trouble a lot, was a drug addict... survived it all... have worked a variety of jobs... have 4 grown children,3 grandchildren.
was a member of the North Carolina Writer's Roundtable for a while... write poetry, songs, political and spiritual commentaries...
am somewhere between a Buddhist and a gnostic Christian...
am a renagade socialist by political nature...
believe most of all that compassion is the one true path!

Eric Cockrell's Works:

'Scar Tissue', self-published in the 1970's
'Awakening', self-published in the 1980's Updates


our love is spillt
onto winter's dead earth.
amid the rubble of
decaying leaves, and
unnamed frost...

only an echo
of living remains;
and the promise

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