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Eric Elliott poet

I'm 16 I smoke weed and it helps me make poems
don't ask why but some times I sit down and cry try to find something knew to do but all I find is to talk to you so send me a comment or what ever
I'll talk back if i'm not under the weather.

I have a dark side but I try not to let it show.
I fell in love a few years ago, it didn't go to well.
but, If I could do it all over I would.

I think I'll tell a little more about me.

one I have brown eyes, dark (almost black) brown hair
I'm a big dude,207lbs. and im 5.8
Im a little lazy, but I like having a clean house.
After all never know who might dropp in.

I easly tan, however I don't care to.
(i will if I need to)
I'm a gamer
I like parties
I'll drink if I feel like it
I have cool friends always in for a house party
I like to tag stuff in my small town

lets see i'm looking for a job
I got my car fixed now, just got to get new brakes.

I hope that somewhere in the world there is still true love, I guess I'm a hopeless romantic.

I find it funny how the mind works. take me, I don't care who likes me or not, I don't try to fit in I just do, and if all my friends died in front of me, I think that I would go on a killing spree, after I killed who ever killed them.

In short I'm a loner, but some how I still crave praise I want people to tell me I'm smart, that I can make nice poems.
and this complete lack of Sickens me in a way words can't say.

I know what I can and can't do
and I know what I'm worth....
and to have this social urge
this deep feeling that I need to belong that stems from being Human, makes me hate it, myself, our so called master race.... when all we are is the animals we kill or drive out and every time I hear about a elephant or domesticated animal killing its trainer
I grin at the thought of the caged beings fighting back. After all that is at the heart of every Anarchist to brake the chains and be free.

in conclusion I just want to be truly free.
(P.S. the things above are a little of my dark side.)

Eric Elliott's Works:

I'm working on a book but I'll never finish it. Updates

Pack A Bowl

Every day I get out of school
walk a ways feel the air, its cool
open my door
sit in my chair
feel the cool air
pick up a tray from over there
but damn I suck and can't roll
so I break down a bud n pack a bowl

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