Eric Li

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Biography of Eric Li

Eric Li is a Vancouver based Chinese-Canadian writer and poet. Influenced and inspired by many authors, poets, historians and many whom he crossed paths with along his journey of life.

He delights his poetry often with photographs and visuals, seeing that " Each poet is a creative director of their own movie that is told in a poem. Poetry is a film for the heart and soul."

Furthermore, he enjoys inspiration from " the majestic mystery" of turtles and other silent shelled creatures. He believes their truth can only be heard when he becomes willing with patience and a hunger to understand their whispers.

Mr. Li enjoys writing and poetry. Often his journals are reflections partnered with a poetic shadow. At times he also expresses his perspectives by writing quirky poems; however, he explained: " there is a deeper message if interpreted upon further reads. I often try to have multiple layers of emotions; layers that uncover when matched with one's openness to know who he is. It is in the arts where masks can be created and uncovered to know thy self when eyes close. Writing saved my life."

Eric encourages all to try writing and find healing in doing so.

[By Amadeus PR]

Eric Li's Works:

No books yet, just tidbits here and there.

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