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41. My Time On The Moon 6/25/2014
42. Offended! 6/25/2014
43. Once Upon A Time 6/25/2014
44. Pc Fools 6/25/2014
45. Shackles 6/25/2014
46. Wankers Like These 6/25/2014
47. Endless Battles Of Evermore 6/25/2014
48. The Tragedy Of Man 6/25/2014
49. Lullaby 6/25/2014
50. Obsidian Throne 6/25/2014
51. War Of The Worlds 6/25/2014
52. Unchained 6/25/2014
53. Purgatory Is For Quitters 6/25/2014
54. Mystic Wood 6/25/2014
55. While Demons Dance 6/25/2014
56. Seven Shades 6/25/2014
57. Dimensional Distortion 6/25/2014
58. Neath The Wings Of Angles Stay 6/25/2014
59. The Waiting Game 6/25/2014
60. Immortality 6/25/2014
61. False Prophets And Fools 6/25/2014
62. Welsh Romance Novel 6/25/2014
63. Duality 6/25/2014
64. People Of The Earth 6/25/2014
65. Her Tears 7/7/2014
66. Lips Of The Necromancer 7/7/2014
67. Raven's World 12/7/2012
68. Midnight Mountain View 12/7/2012
69. Invisible Ones 12/7/2012
70. Bare Feet 10/9/2012
71. People And Places 6/25/2014
72. Wide Awake And Dreaming 10/9/2012
73. Where Sane Creatures Slept 10/9/2012
74. Let Sleeping Gods Lie 10/9/2012
75. Theater Of Pain 10/9/2012
76. Demons Inside 10/9/2012
77. The Gentleman 10/9/2012
78. Chasing The Dragon 6/25/2014
79. An Eternity Left To Go 12/7/2012
80. Dance Of Souls 10/9/2012

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Best Poem of Eric Paeplow

The Death Of Thomas Becket

Sitting here, upon my chair,
Pondering the things, that ponderers do
Should I raise this issue?
Should I approach the Politicians of State?

I came here, only to deliberate,
The complete and total, lack of debate
On the death of Lord Thomas Becket
Was it by intent, or merely by mistake?

The Archbishop of Canterbury?
A swords crushing blow?
What's that you said?
He's lost his head?

My, oh my, I guess that's how it goes
I guess it's true what they said
I wasn't the kick to the groin
But instead, that slash to the head ...

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Theater Of Pain

The war is on, it's time to fight
Loose the cannons, the politician's scream
Unleash the beast; let the gathering hoards surge forth
With a burning need for glory and a lust for blood and pain

With their blackened hearts, masked by painted faces
Leaving behind, nothing but carnage, in their wake
So it's off to war again, to hear the screams of the dying
To watch the macabre scene take place

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