Eric Pennington

Eric Pennington Poems

1. Written For An Ex (Old) 7/4/2007
2. Someday... 7/9/2007
3. Thinking 7/19/2007
4. My Love 8/22/2007
5. I Wish 10/23/2007
6. Thank You Lord 10/31/2007
7. Fear 11/10/2007
8. Why? 12/16/2007
9. My Dear Valentine 2/14/2008
10. Lies (Used To Be Song Lyrics I Wrote) 2/16/2008
11. A Hidden Pain 2/17/2008
12. Fishing 2/17/2008
13. Take A Chance 3/9/2008
14. Why God Doesn'T Answer Prayers 5/25/2008
15. The One (I Thought) 7/4/2007
16. Friends 7/4/2007
17. Another Heartache 2/17/2008
18. Without Emotion 9/9/2007
19. What I Want 10/23/2007
20. Another Hopeful, Soon To Be Heartache 2/16/2008
21. Love And Time 7/4/2007
22. Listen To Your Heart 8/19/2007
Best Poem of Eric Pennington

Listen To Your Heart

Let not anyone tell you how you feel,
Because those feelings are not real.
You tell someone, 'I think I love him'
They say, 'Do you know how long it's been? '
Listen not to their words,
For they are not yours.

But you must listen to your heart,
That is always the best place to start.
Though your head says, it may offend,
Listen to your heart, always, unto the end.
Your heart will never mislead you,
Say whatever your heart needs to.

So if you're looking for the words to say,
Take a look into your heart, it will show you the way.
Be not ...

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The One (I Thought)

I've finally found 'The one',
The one who makes me smile when I see her,
The one who makes my heart melt when I look into her eyes,
The one who gives me butterflies,
The one who I can spend my whole day with and still miss her at the end of the night,

The one I could hold forever,
The one I could kiss forever,
The one I will love forever,

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