Eric Ratcliffe

Rookie (Aug 8,1918 / Teddington, England)

Biography of Eric Ratcliffe

educated Kingston Grammar School and Birkbeck College.
Career as bench and information scientist (list of papers is in website below) . World War 2 service London Blitz assisting removal of unexploded AA shells; and India as ammunition examiner. Discharged end of war as Warrant Officer Class 1.
Founded and edited poetry magazine Ore for 4 decades (see my website for history of Ore) . Divorced. One daughter, who died in her thirties, International (though not well known) poet. Reviews for New Hope International, England.

Eric Ratcliffe's Works:

see my website - poetry and prose. http: //

special interest in WE Henley, Victorian crippled poet and friend of RL Stevenson.

Other interests, life after death, occultism. Updates

Old Fragrance

Halting and walikng in strange dead seasons
through the weak light of ghost Octobers,
surrendered to the final lute
they sing from melodies unborn

They have chanted how they remembered
the first sleeping diamonds of dew
on the white flowers left weeping
by the wall in the graveyard dawn.