Eric Ratcliffe

Rookie (Aug 8,1918 / Teddington, England)

Biography of Eric Ratcliffe

educated Kingston Grammar School and Birkbeck College.
Career as bench and information scientist (list of papers is in website below) . World War 2 service London Blitz assisting removal of unexploded AA shells; and India as ammunition examiner. Discharged end of war as Warrant Officer Class 1.
Founded and edited poetry magazine Ore for 4 decades (see my website for history of Ore) . Divorced. One daughter, who died in her thirties, International (though not well known) poet. Reviews for New Hope International, England.

Eric Ratcliffe's Works:

see my website - poetry and prose. http: //

special interest in WE Henley, Victorian crippled poet and friend of RL Stevenson.

Other interests, life after death, occultism. Updates

The Throw

Barefoot on granite wait I,
who threw a silver javelin
into the shimmering land of whispers,
and watched the wraiths divide
as though a chime had ended Hallowe'en.

Somewhere beyond the dawn a mermaid died;
the sea sent her comb to me,
with a wisp of her poor green hair

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