Erica Bowden

Rookie (December 18 / Mayo Regional Hospital In Dover.)

Biography of Erica Bowden

Fact; I hate my name. Give me a nickname. Any nickname will be good.
ella, Bubbles, Beannnn<3 and FruitLoop are occupied.
Current biggest nickname; Bowden.

Alright, so basically, I am Erica Elaine Bowden And i have the worst name in the world aside from Maddi (Hehe, I love you Fatty: D) I laugh more then a normal person should which causes me to lose my breath, so if you are with me and I'm not breathing, yet I'm smiling, don't worry. I will be recovered with in the hour.: D I love my friends with a passion and they are my world. Now I have two things that makes me have a heart beat, and that is my friends. And the most important thing to me in this world, in my life, they are my life, are my sisters and I love them to beyond death. Their names are Melinda 'Mindy' Sue, Christina Jo, and Brooke Alyssa. :) I seriously would be dead and in a coffen without them. This is a little weird but I have a cat named Derby and this kitty is my best friend :) I tell him everything. :) Haha. I'm a dork with a fork like that. Derby is the love of my life.: D: D: D: D: D I like doing idiotic things and making myself look like a complete idiot. :) I'm just weird like that. I have so many memories that you wouldn't even dream of having. Like Being a boy with Nicole, Maddi, and Izzy. Falling in a hole at Nicole's house. The basketball games with Michaela and our white polls.: D Scary ghost stuff with Chelsey, Whip Cream with Jenna. Mine and Brooke's 'you can't hurt me' moment. Eating Rocks with Izzy. with Izzy again. The church with Jenna with Kyle there. Mine and Kendra Cross's Stewey. Mine and Rebecca's 'making fun of Shawn's puke colored shirt' moment. Ha ha Good stuff right there.: D I am a text addict, I'll admit. I will always be on my phone talking to people every time you see me: D I am annoying.: D I don't' mind people knowing it. I have 4 true best friends and they know who they are. :) I'm very picky about who I tell certain things to. My Role-Model is Kathleen Mushero cause I've never met anyone so brave and so confident. And I've also never met someone of her age, so much like an older me.: D I hate the fact of killing animals for meat, and yet I'm not a Veggy.: D Personally, I'm kind of stupid. And slightly deff, I believe. I have a very short attention span. I am petrified of owls, and chalk boards. My worst fear in this whole wide world ever is being picked up by a human being. I will cry. Literally. I don't hate anyone, but I dislike a number of people. No one exactly knows my label. I don't want a label either. I'm not a can of food. I don't wear make up. I look terrible 99.9% of the time, in my opinion. My hair is the only thing I spend time on. My AIM is ericaaalove and my cell number is 2079436462. Don't hesitate to call/IM. I talk to everyone. Literally.: D That is the most I can think of for now. Bye.

Erica Bowden's Works:

I haven't ever really published a book. But I have written one.: D Updates

Ugh. I Love You.

I know you walked out
But I didn't know that you didn't care
I know your not going to come back
And that's the thing that isn't fair.

Some people warn their partner
Or in our case,
The other acquaint.
But you just went to another place.

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