Erica Cuillin

Erica Cuillin Poems

1. Shock 5/15/2009
2. Answers 5/15/2009
3. Consequences 5/15/2009
4. Dead Lion 5/15/2009
5. Eyes That Do Not Smile 5/15/2009
6. First World Poverty 5/15/2009
7. Frozen Heart 5/15/2009
8. Panic 5/15/2009
9. Rage 5/15/2009
10. Silence 5/15/2009
11. Silent Scream 5/15/2009
12. In A Flash 5/15/2009
13. Wake-Up Call 5/15/2009
14. Your Smile 5/15/2009
15. What Is It Like? 5/15/2009
16. Strong, Wild And Free 5/15/2009
17. Thunder (A Panic Attack) 5/15/2009
Best Poem of Erica Cuillin

Thunder (A Panic Attack)

In the distance I hear thunder
And it’s calling out my name.
It doesn’t matter which way I run,
It will find me just the same.

Now I feel it moving closer
Than it ever has before,
And soon the old familiar fear
Is knocking at my door.

I look around to find a place
To hide myself away,
But realise if I’m to be free,
I must find the courage to stay.

My heart’s beating so fast now
I can’t feel it any more.
My body freezes and cold sweat oozes
From my every pore.

The thunder strikes me suddenly,
Shoots like lightning through ...

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Dead Lion

Dead Lion, you're asleep on the carpet again.
In a daze you wake up, yawn loudly and then
You get up, walk around, lost in your mental lair
And you look like a zombie with your sticking-up hair.

Don't let your mind drift to some faraway land.
I must ask you some questions, I must understand
How you can pretend to be watching TV,
How your eyes look around but you choose not to see.

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